Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year......resolutions??

Yeah Yeah, I know, this was supposed to be done before the end of the year to get a good start on things, but Hey I'm busy and didn't have a clear list, come to think of it I still don't. Besides it's still January.
I'm not doing the infamous exaggerated changes that we all know will not be accomplished in the year, come on we all know that if it has taken us this long, 12 months ain't gonna help...LOL
So I will keep this simple, OK simple for me, I hope...LOL

OK not really all resolutions..more like a to do list. (in no particular order..)

  • I will make sure to make more time for my kids, time to play, craft and teach. (Already getting a head start on that one) Continue Family time (love this!)
  • I will TRY to keep in better touch with people. (key word TRY, so this should be easy)
  • I will start to purge our garage and extras for the impending military move. When do we move? We don't know yet, probably by next year. (Oh good, enough time on this one to work at it)
  • Research possible New Military Posts for our move....Schools, Children Hospitals, College (for us) etc.
  • Create a new biz plan for me and implement it, network and make a 5yr plan. Work on more designs, take pics ,upload and promote.
  • Get kids into daycare for Special Mom and Dad night out dates. Make more couples time for the things we love to do and talk.
  • Tell the people that I love and care for, that I DO. Not leave that for tomorrow when we have today.
  • Try to spread Awareness about Turner Syndrome, Autism, ADHD and other causes dear to us.
  • Start to finish my BA in Psychology even if it's 1 class at a time. (Should be done by 2011)
  • Continue to work with Joshua on Advance courses, with Melody and her school work, with Josslyn to catch up and with Mady.

This is definitely not all of it...but it's a list in progress...

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