Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not MY MAN anymore.....huh??? HER MAN???

OK so bare with me...let me vent! Here I am thinking we have 4 kids ages 7,4,3,1 and after 8yrs everything should be stable, right? Right? So why does this beautiful Dark Haired female, I must admit she has a gorgeous face and puppy eyes and well she is YOUNG, says to me "MY MAN" referring to my husband!!!!????

UGG what was she thinking, that after all I've been through I would just give in just like that? For goodness sake we have moved from west to east to south and who knows where next, have been thru soo much, military changes and long, very long work hours and this girl thinks she can just call him "my man"...I don't think so!

Did you know we went thru 5 pregnancies and have 4 kids and 3 angels out of this? We endured a year of testing for Josslyn to figure out what was going on with her. Sleepless nights and still have these, hair pulling moments and great times too, not to mention everything else we have been thru us together and with our kids and still do. So I always thought of him as being MY MAN, never said it out loud, I am beyond that age and besides I do have his ring on my finger, so you can imagine my surprise when during this Ice Storm and days without classes as I am preparing dinner we hear the door open and kids running "Daddy, daddy" and Josslyn jumps out and says

"MY MAN", "MY MAN is HOME", I turned to look at her and the LOVE I saw in her eyes was truly "PRICELESS"..and Yes I have to say he is "HER MAN, HER DADDY, HER HERO"
and Yes all these thoughts of everything we have been thru raced thru my mind in a split second. I already knew how I felt, but this tiny comment made me realize just how much I love him and how much of MY MAN he is.

Now what were you thinking?

Now here's a pic of that beautiful dark haired, angel face, puppy eyes female I was talking about with OUR MAN!


  1. She sure looks adorable in that pic and from the way Daddy is looking at her I'd say he's pretty smitten with her too! LOL!

  2. I LOVE this post, but you had me worried there for a moment! It's wonderful that she has such a good role model in her Daddy.

  3. Such a cutie! It's the neatest thing how little girls are just DRAWN to their daddys and then of course it just melts our hearts to see such a strong foundation succumb to such a little girl...

  4. Love that cute story! Definatly had me going there for a moment!

  5. LOL I hear you. I never thought "My man" would have two other ladies ;)

  6. At first I was really wondering where this post was headed, but I'm glad I read it all the way through. What a cute little girl... and how lucky you ALL are!

    And thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day. I had so much fun and am still wading through wonderful comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you come back to visit soon!

  7. That is wonderful :-).

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Oh my, You had me worried for a min. I think this was a fantastic story! Her man! I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting with me during my SITS spotlight....Please come back anytime.....Blessings, Nancy

  9. Brilliant! I really was thinking...oh girl, nu uh! :) And then, at the end, I got a tiny bit emotional. I'll admit, a little tear. You've got yourself a new fan!


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