Saturday, February 14, 2009

1 poop, 2 poop, 3 poop, 4!!!

Note: This is a mommy blog, so we might have the occasional mention of body functions. Feel free to ignore if offended...

How much more???? Yep that's ME, busy life with 4 kids, just sitting here waiting till the day I see NO MORE POOP! So I thought I had this all figured out, I mean I had my first born 7yrs ago and before that I had watched kids, many many times. I thought by 3 I would be done with diapers and by 4 wiping others so now what? I have changed diapers, wiped, potty trained, gone thru all these crazy bio waste stages and yet I am still baffled at my youngest.

It was pretty easy to get my oldest potty trained, only to mess him up and make him regress after 2 trips out of state, 1 which was a move and the birth of our 2nd. Pretty soon after we moved we were on track again and I was done wiping that butt. Now our 2nd child, my Diva Melody she was potty trained before 2yrs old, only regress to such extent it took us another 2yrs to get her back (long story). And don't get me started with still hearing the "Moooommyyyyyyyy" yelled from her bathroom when #2 arrives. Yep, still wiping that one, occasionally making deals to put an end to such luck yet. Then we have our 3rd Josslyn, happy go lucky, moody girl. With her you never know what you'll get, and yes she has started going potty, but she is so frequent, she would have to live in the bathroom, nonetheless she makes an effort..and when she doesn't make it, which is her usual she is quick to let us know and bring her supplies. Now our 4th and last Mady (21mo), this is the child that has me scratching my head from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Everything was different, odd and confusing, but that's another story. Mady has taken to join in on the potty training and does pretty well, she announces proudly when she is about to go or in the middle of it, so we rush to help her get there. She has no issues peeling down rather quickly to make her trip to Mr. Potty,we can sit there till what seems like forever and nothing happen, but she is trying and occasionally her tiny body listens to her and obliges.

And now about my confusion and puzzled mind with her...if we do not notice she has pee pee in her diaper, she will strip down and run naked bums around the house as if she has been set free after going. And if we ever not notice immediately she has pooped she does the same and itches herself and we find her in disbelief with "muddy" hands and disgust! You would think after many attempts with same results she would figure out she would get the same outcome..why oh why does she continue to do this?? I never had my other 3 do this
and yet she continues to do this on a daily or whenever the occasion arises. So I am praying that something clicks and she figures out Mr. Potty can handle this better than us and she takes it up to him to handle this situation.
All in all here I am 7yrs of wiping butts and about 4more years to go...all this work and time and experience and I can not even apply this to my resume. Ahh motherhood, done out of love..Priceless!

P.S Any pointers to help my child from getting "muddy" hands??


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