Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a Tuesday break

So after being pretty active I took a HIATUS from here and most everywhere else. Took time to re-think myself, my family life, my business, my everything. I've been reading, thinking, remembering, organizing thoughts, re-living memories and making new ones. After reading about TUESDAY, my heart sunk, I hurt so bad and it became all to clear how fragile we are and how present our mortality is. I felt the same pain I felt when I got Josslyn's diagnosis of Turner Syndrome, yes I know Josslyn was still very much alive, but that little girl was forever gone. Something had changed, it was still her smile, still her soul, still her love, still her everything, but not the same. But I will talk about that later so you can understand.

This past week was about TUESDAY, thinking about her and her pains and her family pains and joy. She has inspired so many and touched even more. I was not left out of this circle, therfore my family unknowingly was also touched. Thank You TUESDAY for reminding us over and over again, than in an instant our lives can change, we can miss saying good-bye, I Love You's and how much we care. I have loved more and said it, I have cared more and showed it, I have lived more and was thankful for it. I will never again take a single moment in my life, in my kids life for granted, for every second with them has been a gift of love from God.

My prayers are with you and yours....and now revived I'm back from my hiatus.

Go on over to TUESDAYS blog...and leave her mom a message.

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