Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living with Punky Bruiser

It' been a minute since I posted last, mainly because we have been sick in rotations...and just in case you were wondering if I did a Typo on my tittle..NOPE. I am not talking about Punky Brewester the character brought to life by Soleil Moon Frye in the '80s,which I happened to love watching; I am talking about my very own Punky Bruiser. Yep life with Punky Bruiser is very challenging, exhausting, but loving and fun. My Punky is in love with purple, it if were up to her the world would be painted in purple with the occasional orange, pink, red and brown to contrast. See she loves these colors and they bring peace to her soul. Why? Well I don't know, and to tell the truth I've tried to figure this one out for 2yrs now and gave up and now I'm simply happy knowing it IS what it IS and it works for her, therefore it works for us. Purple works and so does mixed matched socks and shoes, tops and bottoms, it just does. Flowers and prints, stripes, dots, animals and all seasons mixed. And this has been OK because she never ventured into the world all discomposed. Never until NOW....yep she broke down and wore pink and white stripe panda shirt with blue jeans with green and blue turtle belt, white and red light up Reebok's with black socks with orange Jack o'lantern. EEEEKKK! I freaked, I tried to explain it did not match (she's usually very good about matching), but this particular day she needed to wear these mix matched items. She was going to Occupational Therapy and it's like she knew they'd be trying something new that day and would only be able to handle it dressed as "Punky Bruiser"
She broke every rule in my book and ALAS I now understood others I have seen dressed just like her. I was not going to fight, no point to it really, I explained myself a couple times and she was not "getting it" and instead of starting WWIII, I caved in and decided she needed to be herself.
And you must be wondering about "Bruiser" well that's her our little bruiser, she's tough and gets bruises often. She runs into the world h
ead on full throttle no matter what. And when she's not getting them she's delivering them to our other children. Of course they are always under close supervision, but if you knew her you would see why it only takes her a quick second to overpower a 7yo while she is only 3. In a split second she can spell disaster in a million ways and still look angelic. Please don't get her wrong she is not lacking discipline, nor rules or limitations, they are there and set and time outs and lose of privilege take place,however she doesn't fully "get them". At least not YET. We hope and pray that someday SOON, she will join the others in the understandings of our family dynamics. Until then we keep living life with Punky Bruiser and loving her to the fullest and enjoying her silliness.
This is a glimpse in the life of my 3yo with Turner Syndrome, Developmental delays, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder among a few.

Here she is in her favorite color, purple with her older sister being silly.

Miss Punky B Tutu made by mom


  1. This post made me smile...I just went through something similar yesterday when Mady wanted to add her lavender and light pink petti to her red and white nautical themed outfit she was wearing to church. Hubby tried to beg her to at least change to her red and white one but she would have nothing of it! He looked to me in support but I simmply smiled and said, "you have to choose your battles". This is one I am willing to lose. She still somehow managed to get alot of "cute little princess" comments even in her mismatched attire. And she definitely made people smile...I'm sure your little Punky Bruiser caused the same reaction :)

  2. WOOHOO I tried to comment yesterday but the word verification thing wouldn't load. Anyway I found your blog through my google reader because I am subscribed to all blogs that mention turner syndrome. I think you may be on one of the yahoo groups for turner syndrome I am on, the names sounds familiar :-P. Anyway my daughter Alana is almost 7 and has autism and TS. I am following you and wanted to say hi!


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