Monday, November 17, 2008

Craft Fair checklist

So as I was getting ready for my craft fair I started making a list of needed items and what to bring to survive a craft fair. Here's a list I came up might need to add some items of your own to cater your crafts and needs.

Hope you find this useful.

Janine's Craft Fair/Show list (indoors)

Buisness aspect:
1.Tax/Biz Id and chart
3.Biz Cards- special Fair discounts
4.Money-change and bills $125 in a box
5.Flyers with upcoming shows and how to find you.
6. CC machine/Laptop-internet for CC sales
7. Big Sign name and Logo
8. Easel to announce sales -payment methods -website
9. Wear a shirt with your biz logo, name and site if possible
10. Hardcover sign in book for newsletters
11.Inventory price sheet- to scratch off a sale
12. Freebies with your cards
13. price tags
14.Camera -batteries and memory card
15. Laptop with pretty slide show of your past work (examples)- should draw attention -power cords or fully charged
16. Office supplies (Tape, scissors,staplers,pens, notepads,pencils)
17 Clear bags to place their items.
18. Gift bags/Jewelry bags (if needed)
19. Carry cart/bag to carry all supplies with you
20. Receipt book with carbon paper
21. Order notebook

22. Make a photo album of items for sales in various colors and styles (catalog)
23. A plastic envelope with zipper(kids school supplies) to place orders, receipts, others biz cards etc. (remember craft fair booth fees are tax deductible as well as travel and food expenses)
24. Extra bin with more inventory to replace sold items.

Networking-get traffic
1. Arrive early and get to know your neighbors- help watching for potty breaks
2. Know your area so you can redirect traffic to your booth with signs.
3. Have FREE candy, treats in a small bowl to atract customers.
4. Invite customers on your lists to the fair, family and friends

5. Arrange for someone to help you, so you can take a break and visit other crafters and take biz cards with you. And also poty and eating breaks.

Fair Survival
1.Cooler with drinks and snacks for touch up
3.hand lotion
5.tylenol or other headache meds
6.paper towels
7.garbage bags
8.windex- to wipe down
9. Chair- if not provided.
10. Dress nice and wear your items if possible, but dress comfortable.
11. Cell phone on low- for emergency
12. Comfortable shoes

13. small broom and pan
14. zip ties

1. Bring extra tools to craft while waitingc(hopefully you wont have to wait)
2. Bead Charts, Ribbon Charts color options
3. Mirrors (so they can see themselves with your items)
4. Ribbon or other craft materials in an organized bin.
5. extension cord
6. light source

1. Table
2. Long solid color table cloth so they wont see your feet and under table mess.
3. Vase in various heights- for hats
4. Flower Pot with craft foam and Pipe Cleaners to display Clippies and small bows.
5. Ribbon draped over craft table decorated at end with flowers for bows and clips
5.Set different levels for any items displayed and get more use out of your space.
6. Small lattice panels for tutus, clothes, bows and more.

7.Xtra string- just in case needed.


Always wear your smile.
Say Thank you (even to snotty customers or bypassers)

Welcome everyone who passes by, never know who might be interested.
Be polite when they ask how do you make your craft, ask for sources, instructions, how easy it looks etc.

No music of cellphone talk- you want to give your customers all your attention
Don't Wear perfume- strong fragrances- some ppl are sensitive, might deter them from stopping by.

Don't Comment on how bad you feel, how you crammed for the show or any negatives even about other sellers.
Don't get too personal (no family issues etc)- keep it professional ie. why you craft? where your from? what motivated you? What are they made of? Can you customize? etc



Tent (sandfilled pails, tie downs)-Sun Block/Sunscreen-Bug repelant- shades, paper weights, fan


Tent(same as above)- space heater-jacket (weather appropriate)

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