Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Fairy Princess Garden

Welcome to my Blog.
I am looking to share some of my creations and passions here. I started years ago when I was a child being very creative in different mediums and always wanting to do and try more. I made cards, knitted, painted, made sculptures with foam, flower arrangements, airbrushing, pottery,beading to name a few. Where did it all come from? Well my family is very crafty and I guess I got a bit from both sides. It was lots of fun, and after having my son I loved doing crafts with him and teaching different things. 3yrs ago he asked if we could make beaded snowflakes for gifts for family and friends, and thus was reborn my love for beading. After we had our second daughter Josslyn I began to have an interest in bows in hopes to show others that we had 2 little girls and not 3 little boys. Shortly after I started making clippies and bows and have ever since for family and friends and a few customers. I since then have merged the 2 to come up with sets for my girls and some for sale.

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