Friday, January 23, 2009


So here I was thinking who's brilliant idea was to make our day 24hours? I know, I know..the scientific reasoning behind this, but did anyone ever bother to ask a mommy what she thought of this?
I mean 24hours is not even barely enough time to accomplish all that we have to do in a days work. So we are supposed to sleep at least 8hrs in a day, so really that leaves me with 16hours to do things? Really are you sure? Have you accounted, showering, toilet breaks, preparing meals 3 times a day and eating, what about snacks 3 times a DAY!!? What about cleaning up after eating and the
dishes and chasing little ones to change diapers, wash and dress them...well by now I only have 10hours, oh and did we forget to pick up toys, check email, pay bills, check mail, ship out and do laundry and clean bathrooms and floors, never mind the dusting,organizing, weeding out outgrown items. I'm down to 5hours left now. Well if you're in my house picking up takes a bit more, since Miss Joss seems to never ever find what she is looking for on her first try, now I have 4.
The rest of this time is spent catching our breathe, running to catch the phone before we miss the call, picking up spills, kissing
ouies, wrestling kids to nap, pick up once more, squeeze in some Motrin for this body ache, teach some manners and some grammar while we're at it, getting kids from bus, helping with homework, guiding kids back to homework, breaking up fights, kissing more ouies, re-directing kids to go outside to play, greet dad when he gets home and have him watch kids while I can clean up again...get them showered and ready for bed, teeth brushed, kids room picked up once more, read a book, say our prayers and tuck them in 10 times before they finally "pass out" . By then this mommy just wishes her day was shorter so we could all go to bed earlier, even though now after 10pm she finally has enough time to do something for herself,nope not yet, here comes the baby who woke up once more and by then it's 11pm , but now she is too tired to do anything and has less than 8 hours left for sleep, so she hurries herself to get ready for bed, brush her teeth, turn everything off, check her munchkins once more before going to bed and in hopes that maybe, just maybe tomorrow during the day she can find 15min or so to do something for herself.

Phew! I'm exhausted, I need a what did you do today?


  1. Oh how I can relate, thanks so much for sharing to let us all know we aren't alone. Here it is 7:41pm here and I just sat back down from cooking and serving dinner, doing the dishes, which I'm still not done with but ran out of hot water.

    Shower and eat? LOL.. I'm lucky to get those in before 10pm and the bathroom breaks really aren't bathroom breaks for me unless the girls are in school, if they are home that and when I'm on the phone seems to be the signal of "oh yeah mom I really need to tell you..."

  2. LOL that is EXACTLY how it is too... add in a child that has a medical condition and it gets 3 times crazier! LOL

    Time for yourself? What is that???

  3. Just wanted to thank you for adding our group button to your blog!


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